Why Tigé

By Jonathan Raabe, Owner of Redline Water Sports:

Here at Redline Water Sports we have always considered ourselves extremely fortunate to represent Tige Boats. Mostly because is easy to represent a product and a company that you truly believe to be the best at what they do. We encourage smart shoppers to compare brands, so we thought we’d compile our own top ten list of reasons to choose a Tige boat. This is not so much a list of cool features or toys that any boat manufacturer can add – it’s focused on what truly makes Tige Boats unique.


#10: The company itself. Who Tige is:
Year after year, Tige is committed to being the “best not the biggest” inboard manufactures.  They are focused on quality first, not just building lots of boats. They are a debt-free company owned by Charlie Pigeon. Both Charlie, the CEO, and Rick Correll, the President of Tige, put more than 50 hours per summer on their boats. They know what buyers want because they share the lakes with them. Being a debt-free company that does not answer to public investors, like their competitors, allows them to annually reinvest into the company with new models and new tooling instead of pulling profits and building cheaper.

#9: The Tige Ultimate 360 Service Plus Plan:
Not unlike Audi or BMW, Tige will provide the first three years maintenance as outlined in the owner’s manual. This includes your oil changes, including the filter and oil, transmission fluid change, and two impellers. An outstanding industry first!

#8: Floor and Seat Construction:
I know it may sound kind of silly, but it’s such an important and integral part of the boat that is usually overlooked by the consumer. The seats and floor are all molded as one piece for strength, rigidity, and reliability. This is called “monolithic construction” (one piece fibreglass), and is why a Tige is so quiet, and does not flex in choppy water. Seat bases are not screwed down like other manufacturers, which will come loose over time.

#7: Tige’s choice to exclusively offer Pleasurecraft Marine Engines (PCM):
Only PCM can boast the lowest failure rate in the inboard market, the quietest running, and lowest warranty issues – all according to JD Powers and Associates. We are especially keyed up about their transmissions. Only PCM builds their own marine gear. They are smoother and quieter due to much higher gear tolerances.

#6: The Tige Touch:
This is where the operator becomes one with their Tige. This is a complete control system on a touch screen like an iPod – another industry first by Tige. There are so many great features of this standard option, I would encourage you to explore all the details on the official Tige website, but what stands out the most to me is how easy it is to operate. Having operated the others in the market, there are simply none that work like this. The whole system uses a home button like an iPhone for ease of use. After all, you’re out on the water to make the most of the day and enjoy boating, not troubleshoot electronics.

#5: The Alpha Z Tower:
Long after competitors decided cast aluminum is too expensive, Tige continues to build towers this way because it is stronger than antiquated welded pipe design. No flex, no rattle, great foldability and frankly, looks awesome. The Alpha Z is a unique feature available only on a Tige.

#4: Safety:
Being consistently the deepest inboard water sports boats on the market, we feel you’re safer in a Tige. Many of our competitors’ boats swamp easily because they are built for small tournament style lakes. But we know few of us ever use a lake that does not blow up from time to time. With TAPS (Tige Adjustable Performance System), you’re able to run with the bow higher in rough conditions that static drive inboards struggle through.

#3: Unbelievable Surf Wakes:
The latest sensational sport that’s exploding with unprecedented growth is wake surfing and Tige is by far the best choice for a family looking for a boat that surfs. The Convex V hull delivers exceptional wakes on both sides of the boat. Others have to change directions of the prop and play with tabs to surf, whereas our hull can just do it without modification. But don’t take our word for it, just watch the pro’s. Online communities like Wake9.com, focused on wake surfing, say: “Tige has lived up to their goal of building the best wake surfing boat in the market today.”

#2: The Lifetime Plus Warranty:
There is truly no comparison to Tige’s Lifetime Plus Warranty in the inboard industry. A company that believes so much in the strength and quality of their product that they offer complete boat replacement if structural issues occur. This covers delamination, degradation, and rot. And these issues do happen to some non-Tige owners. I have seen their boats at our shop with major issues and owners with long faces asking what they should do. Which is usually not the best time to tell them that they should have bought a Tige.

#1: The Convex V and TAPS!
The Convex V and TAPS is the patented hull shape and technology that no one else in the industry can offer. By using the hydrodynamics of the boat to their advantage, Tige boats can sit deeper in the water for better wakes. Need more than that and you can add up to 2,000 pounds of ballast for pro level ramps. Convex V and TAPS work in conjunction with one another for unparalleled versatility – one without the other will not produce the same functions.  TAPS (Tige Adjustable Performance System) lets you shape your wakes at the push of a button and because we don’t rely on static old-fashioned hull designs with built-in hook, a Tige makes far better fuel efficiency than competing boats. According to Boattest.com, a Convex V hull is 25-30% more fuel efficient than the static hull designs with hook built in.

Bonus trivia: if by now, you’re convinced on the brand and wondering how the heck to pronounce Tigé, it’s “Tye-guh” (but when you own one, you can pronounce it however you like).