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Watersports Responsibility Code

Be aware that there are risks in boating and Watersports that good judgement and personal awareness can help reduce, to increase your enjoyment of Watersports, follow the ten elements of the CODE.

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Lower Mainland Boat Launches

Below you’ll find some quick reference information on some of the top boating areas in the Fraser Valley:

1. Alouette Lake: Located in the Golden Ears Provincial Park, 11 km north of Maple Ridge on the North Side of the Fraser River. Camping is also available at Alouette. The boat... Read More

Boat Smart Exam

As of September 15, 2009, all boaters must be certified with the Boat Smart Exam. Boat Smart Canada promotes the safe, enjoyable and environmentally conscious use of Canada’s waterways. They’re Canada’s largest course provider in boating safety education and Pleasure Craft Operator Card certification. Here’s all the info you... Read More

Ease up, Son: Perfect Pick-Ups

Ditch the power turn for perfect pickups:

It seems like every time I’m out on a public lake there’s some guy whipping huge turns under full power to double back and pick up a fallen rider – seriously , everytime, without fail.  The problem with power turns is that they... Read More

Guide to Better Boatmanship

Tips on the the Ultimate Guide to Boatmanship:

What Is Boatmanship? Think of it as a standard set of rules of thumb on the water. They’re not secrets, but more of an unspoken code among watermen. Here are just some of the ways you can transform yourself into a more... Read More

How to dock your Tige

Here’s a great video, with tips on how to dock your Tige, from Daniel Watkins:

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The Ultimate Wake

Bring the Ocean to the Lake: Wake Guide

A wave can be tailored according to your preference by shifting, adding or subtracting weight in the boat.  For example, if you want a lippy, peaky wave width more vertical height and a sweet spot that’s smaller and closer to the boat,... Read More

Wake Surfing with a Tige

Below is an excellent video that shows how easy it is to set up your Tige for wake surfing:

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