Tige RZR 2016

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Tige RZR 2016

Action Figure.

The RZR combines the style and soul of a Tige with an all-around, agile machine whose towing convenience and overall performance is unsurpassed. Whether wakesurfing, wakeboarding or skiing, the RZR packs a punch that will amaze you no matter the sport, and in a way only Tige can deliver.

Combine its power with leading technology and Tige’s signature style, you’ll see that the RZR is more than fully‑featured, it’s fully loaded.

Here are just some of the features on the Tige RZR;

Sounds System – Premium Audio System by WetSounds, which includes Bluetooth, concert quality speakers, auto volume with RPM -based automatic volume adjusting system.

Tower – Tige Alpha Z Tower with fully integrated halogen docking lights illuminate your way to make docking and trailering even easier.

Engine – Raptor Series’ customized torque ratio is specifically designed to work hand in hand with our patented Convex V Hull. This allows your Tige to run at a lower RPM, resulting in up to a 33% increase in fuel economy, less noise, smoother cruising, less maintenance, and more prop range.

Tige Touch2 takes simplicity to another level with a sleek, intuitive interface that’s as easy to use as it is advanced, loaded with features never before seen in a boat. Enclosed in watertight housing, Tige Touch2 features a smart next-gen high-def wide screen with 7″ anti-glare touchscreen and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Touch2 is ergonomically positioned exactly where you would expect it to be — just to the right of your steering wheel, next to the throttle. This results in an ultra-low profile dash design for maximum visibility and safety and helps keep your eyes, hands and attention where they belong. Contributing to the ultra-low profile dash are three stylish digital/analog gauges that work in tandem with the Touch2 control screen.

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