Introducing the CONVEX VX by Tige


The Tigé Convex VX reshapes the sport of wakesurfing.

Building on the 10 years of superior performance from the patented and proven Convex V hull technology, Tigé continues to further improve and enhance the surf wave you expect from a boat. Our latest patented innovation, the Convex VX, is a hull extension device designed to enhance the running surface of your Tigé at wakesurf speeds. Our engineering and design team approached this project with a comprehensive solution in mind—to precisely manage water flow. The Convex VX takes Tigé’s pro level wave to an unrivaled height, as it is longer, stronger, and more powerful than any other boat on the water. The extension also creates a smooth, deep pocket that easy to dial in time after time, making the best wave even better.

Click on the photo to see what it’s all about!