Latest Reviews: Tigé’s Versatile RZR


“Little Wonder” – Do it all with Ease in Tige’s Versatile RZR
Wakeboarding Magazine April 2012

While the all-new Z3 tops our Tigé wish list, we realize not all riders are set up for the size, storage and price requirements of a flagship wake boat.  At exactly 20 feet, Tigé’s RZR is perfect for riders who live on size-restricted waterways or who have smaller towing vehicles or garages.  Remarkably, RZR owners sacrifice little in terms of style, comfort and performance for the convenience of this high-class compact.

1.      Bountiful Basics

Like every model in Tigé’s feature rich RZ series, the 2012 RZR offers an impressive set of standards on which to build.  With its brilliant screen and intuitive touch navigation, the TigéTouch is one of the best standard features you’ll find on any wake boat. Its iPadlike control gives you command of the entire on-board experience, from the built-in Tigé SpeedSet cruise control to TigéYou, which allows you to quickly and easily personalize up to 20 unique rider profiles.  TigéTouch also gives you DJ-level sway over a solid stock Wet Sounds stereo system, which includes a Clarion head unit, amp and six interior speakers.

2.       All-Important Upgrades

With its flow-enhancing curves and rock-solid pull, Tigé’s Alpha Z is a no-brainer.  So is the surf factory ballast system, which gives you 1,600 pounds of water weight to sculpt wakes for everything from wakeboarding to wakeskating and of course, wakesurfing.  Top off RZR’s function and convenience with two of 20-12’s best features. The Clamp 4RCE board racks’ effortless operation make them the best we’ve ever tested, while the new View 4RCE 180 mirror delivers 180 degrees of visibility, so the driver can see even flats-bound tricks from start to finish.

3.       Maxed-out Interior

Despite it’s compact size, the RZR carves out room from a dozen passengers, thanks in no small part to it’s wide-open bow design and the smartly placed seating of the wrap around main lounge.  In fact, the RZR seats more than any other 20-foot model, save for it’s ultra-affordable twin, the Tige R20.  Unlike either of those function-first models, however, the RZR’s interior is dressed to the nines.  From the quilted comfort of the upholstery to the sparkling billet grab handles and accents, the RZR proves compact can be first-class.

4.       Resourceful Ramps

With its relatively compact and narrow full, the RZR doesn’t have the pro-level wake potential of the 23-foot Z3, the 24-foot RZ4 or the 22-foot RZ2, but it’s smaller size has its benefits.  The RZR’s wake shapes up with less weight than its larger brethren, so you’ll enjoy Tigé’s most fuel-efficient sets behind this 20-footer.  It’s also incredibly versatile, which is why it’s the boat of choice for both wakeskater Dieter Humpsch and wakesurfer Dom Lagace.  Smaller boats, but the RZR’s swell holds it’s own with any boat the Tige line.  It’s ConvexV hull settles deep in the water for maximum displacement, and the Taps2 system lets you dial in the clean swells on either side of the wake.

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